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On the Road Again

We are taking off again !  Seems like we're never home.  We're flying off to Phoenix so that we can pick up our little Prius and drive it home.  Too bad that we always need two cars.  But, we are going to have a little bit of fun on the way.  After we clean up the Pebble Creek house for the summer (oh what fun...), we will be traveling to Las Vegas for three nights.  Maybe we will take in a show or two. I sure hope so because I'm not much of a gambler.  After that we will head up north and stay in Reno for a night.  I will be taking my beads and tools.  Next stop will be Chico, CA to swing by "String Bead" a wonderful little bead store there that sells my products.  They teach many wonderful classes and I am hoping to take one while there. We will be home on June 6thand I will be able to ship any products that I have orders for.  xoxoxoCathy


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