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We're Back in Oregon

As we do every year, we bid Arizona good-bye and return to Oregon by May 22 our grandson's birthday. Simon is 13 this year. After pizza and Baskin Robbins ice cream cake, we went to his brother's last band concert. Reed is a member of the West Salem bands. They have won a great many first place awards this year. Reed, a freshman, won an excellence award! The most difficult part of coming home is that the entire studio needs to come with me. So we pack up our big green Toyota Sequoia with brass in all its finished and unfinished forms, our two cats and several geraniums. As my hubby, Casey Drives the car, I get to make jewelry! It makes the trip go faster (for me). The trip was fairly uneventful except the injuries Casey sustained when trying to pull our cat, Lily out from under the bed at the hotel. Hannah, our other cat, was a little more resigned this trip. They traveled well once they realized we love them too much to leave them behind. We know exactly what they will do when we get home. Hannah runs upstairs to the walkin attic door, meows til we let her in. She loves to skulk around in there. Lily runs straight to our bedroom and rips at the cardboard scratcher we keep there. Then I reset up my studio. I love the space I have here. It's big and has a 4ft by 4ft skylight. I could spend every minute of the day in there. This summer I will be spending time adding all my new products to this web site. This is something that takes mountains of time that I hadn't counted on! Cathy

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