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Heading To Salt Lake City for Gem Faire!

 We're packing up and getting ready to travel to the Gem Faire in Sandy, Utah.  It's a great show that we love doing.  It is a long drive from Salem, Oregon but a beautiful one.

  Do you ever feel like "I'm ready. I could go tomorrow"?  I said that about a week ago and here I am stressing about getting packed up.  There is always all this last minute stuff.  Yesterday every time I walked into my studio, I just wanted to turn around and walk back out.  I wish I could be more organized but as my husband says "You have too much stuff!"  He's been saying that for years and I am now ready to agree with him!

I have some wonderful new pieces that I'm taking.  I also got talked into getting my big tulip bead caps in silver.  They are beautiful!  I hope to get a photo up on the web site in the near future.              

   The fall show in Salt Lake is the place where I sell the most bats!!!  I have a couple of new batty necklaces for made up to give you inspiration.  Sorry, no photos.  But the latest issue of Bead Design Studio just hit the news stands and one of my batty necklaces is featured.  I hope to find one before I leave for the show.  If I do I'll make copies for you.

Keep creating!!!! And have fun in all you do.


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