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Happy New Year!

It's New Year's Day today and that means resolutions.  I've gotten so that I don't make them because I always fall short.  So for the first time in a long while, I've decided to make a couple.  First I need to start taking better care of myself.   I love to nibble...those nibbles need to be fruits and veggies.  I havea tendency, to grab what's easy not so much what's healthy.  Second, I am going to start blogging.  I'd like to do it once a week.  Maybe an alarm on my clock to remind me would help.  I've been posting so seldom that I forget how to do it and then I get frustrated, throw art hands in the air, and give up.  Here's an example already.  See the comma after tendency?  I know it doesn't belong there, however I can not remove it.    I do know how to use the backspace....But I don't even have a cursor.    I'm sure it's something to do with the IPad.  My next post I will use the computer?

My next post will be about backings for your pendants.  I've ordered several pieces that will fit on your pendants so youwill achieve a more finished look.

Until then, happy creating!


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