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Getting Ready To Go Live!

 This new website is just about ready to go live.  What an experience this has been.  My wonderful web designer, Marcy at Marcy D Designs has made this all possible for me.  

  When someone at a show asks me, "Is all of this stuff on your web site?"  I have to take a deep breath....."well, no".  I have over 500 items and each one has to be photographed, edited, written up, measured, weighed and uploaded.  It is daunting to say the least.  There are times when I ask myself "What was I thinking????"  My goal is to be able to say "Yes, it's all on the website".  I have to tell you that's a pretty lofty goal.  But I am trying.  

So please be patient with us as we get this all together.  I just know there will be snags along the way, for instance you will notice some of my listings are sideways or upside down.  I put them in right but there they are.....  Now I just have to figure out why then how do I fix it.  I'm sure Marcy will have an idea, but until then, I promise to ship them to you right side up!!!!

I should have a link to my Art Fire Shop which is where most of my business has been taking place, so you can always go there to order.  I do not plan on closing that shop.  It is a great little site and I like being part of that community.

Don't know when you'll be actually reading this but I felt like writing.  Until then HAPPY CREATING!!!


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