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Griffin Brass Stamping, Left Facing Silver Plated or Oxidzed Brass

by Filigree and Me
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The griffin is a legendary creature with the body, back legs and head of a lion and the wings, talons, and head of an eagle.  The griffin was thought to be an especially powerful being since it was a combination of the king of beasts and the king of birds.  It was also considered a symbol of divine power.

This is a very high quality brass stamping of a griffin.  I carry it both in left facing and right facing.  Both are the same size.  They measure 40mm by 27mm.

Use this piece to create stunning pieces of Victorian or Gothic jewelry. Since it is both left and right facing, you can create awesome earrings to go with that necklace. Note: the photo doesn't do this piece justice. It truly is beautiful!

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