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Berry Ring Brass Stamping with a Ring At the Top

by Filigree and Me
Price $4.99

 Could this be a Marionberry vine encircling this ring?  Or perhaps a Raspberry vine. For those who live in the Northwest, Berry picking, or eating is a must do.  This ring is a reminder that berry season isn't far away!  Fresh is always the best!  This Berry ring is also a must have for the jewelry designer who loves all things natural.  This brass stamping is perfect for layering over other stampings as seen below.

The 45mm round ring has leaves and berries encircling it.  There is a ring on top that makes this piece perfect for creating a pendant or hoop earrings.  In the photo the ring is framing the swirling flowers disc which has a green verdigris finish.  The Berry Ring Stamping also comes in a beautiful verdigris finish, or sterling silver plate.

45 mm

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